Getting TOTO working on a Server (non Heroku)

Toto seems that its a blogging engine but there are a few things that still need to be worked out. I hear that it works great in Heroku but it doesn't seem to work so well in your own server. The routes to the file are a little bit buggy but you can fix that as long as you make the file name


Make sure that you specify some of these in the config

set :author,    "GeneralZer0"     
set :title,     "GeneralZer0 Blog"
set :root,      "index"                   
set :date,      lambda {|now| now.strftime("%d/%m/%Y") }
set :markdown,  :smart      
set :summary,   :max => 150, :delim => /~/       
set :ext,       'txt'    

Remember these are only the defaults.
The interesting part of toto is that you can put variables in the file its self so lets have a look at a file

title: It is alive
author: GeneralZer0
slug: blog-up
date: %Y/%m/%d

Insert test here

Here is a great guide to alot of information

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